Research projects

Project title
Deliberating About Human Rights
Derivative Actions in Corporate Law
Digital Learning – Resistance and Creativity
Dirty Assets: Experiences, reflections, and lessons learnt from a decade of legislation on criminal money laundering and terrorism financing
Docketing Pilot
EUPILLAR (European Union Private International Law: Legal Application in Reality)
Economic and Social Constitutionalism
Economic and Social Constitutionalism after the Treaty of Lisbon "an Interdisciplinary Perspective"
Economic and Social Integration in the EU and Beyond – Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Jean Monnet ad personam chair)
Equality and non-discrimination: EU and UN law and policy
European and International Equality Law
Evaluating EU progress in implementing the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the EU Disability Strategy
Examination of Transactional Avoidance in the Context of European Insolvencies
Exploring the Influence of Courtroom Questioning and Pre-Trial Preparation on Eyewitness Accuracy
Exploring ‘New’ Normative Hybridity in European Industrial Relations
Forensic Identification Frontiers
Fundamental Rights of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and Persons with Mental Health Problems
Governance and Legitimacy in the EU
Governing Through Anti-Social Behaviour
INBOTS: Inclusive Robotics for a Better Society
Identifying and Modelling Victim, Business, Regulatory and Malware Behaviours in a Changing Cyberthreat Landscape
Industrial action and the peace obligation on the internal market in Europe
Innovation and the application of knowledge for more effective policing
Intellectual Property and Biotechnology
International and Comparative Criminal Justice
Internationalisation of Secured Credit Law: the UNCITRAL experience
Internationalising the Curriculum and Student Experiences
Lawyers in Society - 30 years on
Learning Disability Health Service Quality-Checkers and User-Led Quality Measures
Long-term developments in jihadi militant ideology and its transnational impact
Markets in Policing - ESRC Seminar Series
Medical Practitioners, Adolescents and Informed Consent
Police National Legal Database
Policing and Crime Control in the Victorian City
Practical Impact of EU Equality Directives in Italian and UK Employment Law
Pre-charge Bail
Realising Resilience: An Evidence Based Approach to Embedding Resilience in the Curriculum
Reforming the European Insolvency Regulation
Reform of the Human Rights Act 1998
Rescuing Corporate Reorganisation: a transatlantic evaluation
Review of Legislation and Policy Guidance relating to Adult Social Care in Northern Ireland
Security Rights and the European Insolvency Regulation
Security Technologies and the Security Industry in Modern Britain
Spaces of Indigenous Justice
Special Adviser to the Independent Reviewer of the Terrorism Legislation
Special Measures in Rape Trials
Study on Substantive Insolvency Law
Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture
Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies: European Policy Analysis – ‘Sustainable Agriculture’
Taxation and Moral Regulation
Terrorism and the Law
The Future of Forensic Bioinformation
The Governance of Chinese Listed Companies
The Impact of Anti-Social Behaviour Interventions on Young People
The Orientation and Integration of Local and National Alcohol Policy
The Third Sector in Criminal Justice
The Ultimate Objective of the Corporation
The WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism as a New Technique for Settling Disputes in International Law
The future prospects of urban parks: The life, times and social order of Victorian public parks as places of social mixing
Towards an understanding of the limits of collective violence during the 2011 English riots
Tracking people: controversies and challenges
Transition, Progression and Attainment from non-traditional educational pathways
U-LEAD - University of Leeds East Asia Disability Rights Forum