Postgraduate Research

Legal Professions Research Group

Postgraduate students in a group

MA by research

We offer an  MA by Research. This allows students to select a research question and to work on this with two supervisors. You are welcome to contact any of the Legal Professions Research Group staff to explore this option.


We welcome PhD proposals in any of the areas of our expertise set out above. We also welcome PhD candidates who take an interdisciplinary approach and, in such cases, we co-supervise with colleagues from other disciplines in other parts of the University, particularly with members of the Leeds University Business School. The School of Law and the University offer a range of scholarships for PhD students. Feel free to contact any of the Legal Professionals Research Group staff for an informal discussion of possible PhD proposals. For guidance on our application processes and scholarships, please contact Karin Houkes via

Postdoctoral scholars

We are keen to work with postdoctoral scholars in areas of mutual interest. If you have (or are applying for) funding for postdoctoral research in an area of our expertise and are looking for a vibrant and welcoming academic home, please contact us for an informal discussion by emailing