Our research

Centre for Criminal Justice Studies

Academic staff in the Liberty Building

The Centre fosters an active and flourishing academic environment for teaching and research. It is recognised by the University of Leeds as one of its key 'peaks of research excellence'. 

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Policing problems - Adam Crawford shares an insight into his research

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David Churchill discusses his research in historical criminology

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Competition law - Peter Whelan talks about his cartels and criminalisation research

Our research has international relevance, spanning across the themes below:

  • Behavioural Regulation and Social order
  • Criminal Justice Processes
  • Historical Criminology
  • International, Comparative and Transnational Criminal Justice
  • Policing, Security and Governance
  • Technologies, Crime and Justice

Themes are complemented by two strategic developments in methodology and research perspectives:

  • Methodological innovation and development: reflects breadth and diversity of methodological approaches across CCJS including, historical, qualitative analysis,  doctrinal, socio-legal, quantitative criminological analysis
  • Comparative and international perspectives: builds upon a track record of comparative research by members of the CCJS, and aims at including new perspectives on globalization and its impact on security and criminal justice

External links and funding

The Centre’s research strength is reflected in its strong record of external grant capture, including prestigious awards from the European Union, AHRC, ESRC, EPSRC, European Commission, Newton Fund, Nuffield Foundation, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Leverhulme Trust, HEFCE, Home Office, National Probation Service