Legal Professions Research Group

This group is dedicated to the global study of the legal professions and legal professionalism, at a moment of rapid change and multiple challenges and opportunities for legal professionals

legal professions research group

Legal Professions Research Group

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Based in the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Education the aim of the Legal Professions Research Group (LPRG) is to promote world-leading, interdisciplinary and international research on legal professions, legal professionalism and legal education’s links with professional training.  Together with our partners and affiliates from the wider academic and professional practice communities, the Group focuses on the role of lawyers and other legal services professionals in a rapidly changing world, and the challenges and opportunities they face.

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Our team consists of leading experts in the field of legal profession scholarship and teaching, with extensive domestic and international experience in legal practice

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Our research projects explore contemporary issues within the legal profession, having a local and international reach.

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We welcome postgraduate students looking to develop their research projects on the legal profession

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