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Centre for Law and Social Justice

Michael Thomson at his desk

Law and Social Justice explores the role that law has in addressing inequalities and achieving a more just society. It aims to generate research which addresses the global challenge of inequalities. The research group recognises the aspiration that many have in Law Schools to be part of egalitarian projects.

In the specific context of Law at Leeds, Law and Social Justice provides a vibrant and productive research home for a significant number of academics and researchers, as well as recognising and building upon the School’s long tradition in these areas both academically and in terms of its engagement with local communities. It seeks to make an impact within the local and global community.

The research group promotes all research in law and social justice whether doctrinal, empirical, socio-legal, interdisciplinary, theoretical, inter-theoretical, or policy focused, and our research is national and international in its scope. We foster an active and flourishing academic environment for teaching and research.

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