Research projects

Project title
CPD for ITE Providers
Coordination Disorders in the Early Years
Critical Thinking and Reflective Practice in Deaf Education
Deaf Children's Early Literacy at Home
Deafness and Reading for Meaning - 'DReaM'
Delta trainers' cognitions and practices
Developing Curriculum Pathways in Mathematics - phase one
Developing Curriculum Pathways in Mathematics - phase two
Developing Practice in Teaching English to Young Learners - Slovenia
Dialogic Teaching in Science Classrooms
Disability Equality in English Primary Schools (DEEPS)
EAL additional experience pilot
Enactment and Impact of Science Education Reform (EISER)
English Language Learning Areas in Pre-School Classrooms: an investigation of their effectiveness in supporting EFL development
Evaluation of Take-up of Science GCSEs
Evaluation of the Primary Science Enhancement Programme
Evaluation of the Salters-Nuffield Advanced Biology Project (SNAB): implementation in the classroom
Evaluation of the ‘Raising Aspirations in Physics’ project
Fair Shares and Families: Children’s perceptions of material resource distributions and decision-making within families
Formal Science Education and Life-Long Learning
GCSE 21st Century Science: comparisons of participation and attainment in post-compulsory science
Graphic calculator use in Leeds LEA school: fragments of practice
HENNA (Harehills ESOL Needs Neighbourhood Audit) project
Home background and the L2 motivational self-system in a developing country context
IELTS Listening
INTERACT: Intercultural Active Citizenship
Identity Online
Indonesian Islamic School Headmasters Programme in Educational Leadership and Management
Inspiring teachers
Institute of Physics: Supporting Physics Teaching 11-14
Interests and Recruitment in Science (IRIS)
Iraqi English Language Development
Labwork in Science Education
Language and Learning in Science
Learner Autonomy: English Language Teachers' Beliefs and Practices
Learning Responsibility? Exploring Doctors' Transitions to New Levels of Medical Performance
Learning and the Transition into Work
Learning from practice: improving the professional development of science teachers
Linking School Mathematics to Out-of-School Mathematical Activities
MA TESOL - China
Management and Intervention in Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder: the role of teachers and parents
Mobigam: Language on the move in India
Models of the Educator in Higher Education: A Bibliographic and Conceptual Map
Monitoring the Educational Performance of Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder
Mother Tongue Language Policy in a Globalising World: The Case of Eritrea
Moving from Occasional to Regular Use of ICT in Mathematics Classes
National Evaluation of the Applied Learning Specialism Programme
National Survey on Innovation in Science Enquiry
New Urbanisms, New Citizens
Pathways in Mathematics 14-19, Phase 2
Perceptions of language and identity amongst international MA TESOL students
Physics Enhancement Programme (PEP) Evaluation
Pupil Enrichment Materials: Interactive Teaching
REAding for CompreHension (REACH)
Regional Quality Standards for Inclusion
Religious Reading in a Secular Society: Learning for Life in a Liberal Democracy?
Research on professors, professorial academic leadership and preparation for professorship
Science teachers’ experiences of educational reform in Sweden: Enacting national tests and grading at Y6
Secondary National Strategy: Effective practice in Interactive Teaching
Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) Project
Students' Experience of Undergraduate Mathematics
Supporting Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to Read for Meaning
Teacher Empowerment to Educate Students to Become Active European Citizens (TEESAEC)
Teacher learning on the Delta
Teachers and researchers as knowledge builders for better school science
Teaching English Radio
Teaching about the Nature of Scientific Knowledge and Investigation on A/AS Level Science Courses
Teaching and Learning Science in the Primary Classroom
The Implementation of Practical Assessment in the GCSE
The Implementation of the National Curriculum
The Relevance of Science Education Project (ROSE)
The Role of Sign Language for Deaf Children with Cochlear Implants
The challenge of transition from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3
The impact of teacher education on pre-service English language teachers
The impact on students of British Council EFL classes
The recruitment, induction and retention of Special Educational Needs Coordinators
The target language revisited
The working lives of Special Educational Needs Coordinators
Tianjin Higher Education Management Summer School
Towards Evidence-Based Practice In Science Education
To what extent does IELTS encourage communicative language teaching in Chinese IELTS classes?
Translation and translanguaging: Investigating linguistic and cultural transformations in superdiverse wards in four UK cities
Undergraduate Learning in Science Project
Using digital storytelling to develop reflective learning by the use of next generation technologies and practices
Virtual School and College Education for Teenagers and Young Adults (VISCED)
Young people's understanding of, and attitudes to, 'the new genetics'