Regional Quality Standards for Inclusion

In recent years, local authorities in this region have invested resources in developing self-audit tools for schools to use in relation to inclusive education. Regionally, it was recognised that there was much to be gained by a collaborative approach through which colleagues could gain critical support, and advice.

This led to the development of the Regional Quality Standards for Inclusion (RQSfI) which include the opportunity for peers to endorse Local Authority approaches.

Sue Pearson from the Inclusive Education team has been pivotal to this work bringing to the process a national perspective, academic rigour and an independent perspective.

The first edition of the RQSfI was produced about four years ago and seven out of the fifteen local authorities have gained endorsement. Through wide, sustained consultation, a second edition has been produced which more fully reflects the current situation. It is anticipated that more authorities will seek endorsement and a programme of re-endorsements is due to start soon.