Towards Evidence-Based Practice In Science Education

Project 2: Issues on the implementation of evidence-based approaches in science education

This project is working with teachers to devise and evaluate short teaching packages, based on research evidence, to teach some key ideas in science more effectively to students aged 11-14. Students' learning will be evaluated after following this teaching, and compared to students' learning who follow conventional teaching. We will also be collecting data about how teachers actually implement the teaching in the classroom.

The teaching packages address the following topics:

At a later phase in the work, we will be investigating how insights into effective teaching in these topic areas can be disseminated to other teachers so that they can teach the topics in question equally effective.

Project Publications

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Leach, J., Amettler, J., Hind, A., Lewis, J., & Scott, P. (2003) Evidence-informed approaches to teaching science at junior high school level: outcomes in terms of student learning [pdf file] Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the National Association for Research in Science Teaching, Philadelphia, March 2003, as part of the symposium Evidence-based practice in science education.

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