Institute of Physics: Supporting Physics Teaching 11-14

The aim of the project is addressed through a CD-ROM based resource, which will be worked through with teachers in the context of custom-designed professional development programmes. The set of CD-ROMS covers all of the physics topics of the 11-14 science curriculum and each CD is organized around three key components for each topic:

  1. The physics story: an account of the subject matter to be taught
  2. Teaching and learning challenges: the key teaching and learning issues
  3. Teaching approaches: teaching activities to address the teaching and learning challenges

The resource has been developed through reference to both the relevant science education research and to state-of-the-art professional teaching expertise.

The project started in Summer 2002 and the full set of CDs will be complete by Easter 2005, after which a major programme of national CPD events will get under way.


School of Education
University of Leeds