Undergraduate Learning in Science Project

The Undergraduate Learning in Science Project (ULISP) is an interdepartmental collaboration at the University of Leeds carrying out research into undergraduate learning in science. Of particular interest are students' views about the nature of science and how these influence their learning. Research findings arising from the project are being used to inform new teaching strategies leading to improved undergraduate learning.


From the start of their university courses undergraduate science students are required to engage in experimental work, data analysis, tutorial discussions and problem solving. All of these activities require the student, at some level, to think and act as a scientist. Teaching staff have an implicit understanding of what this means based on their experience as active researchers. However, students will not necessarily share these views about science. ULISP researchers have examined undergraduate science students views about the purposes of science, the relationship between data and scientific knowledge, and the social processes of science. In many cases students' views are strikingly different from views held by professional scientists within their discipline. Furthermore, these views about the nature of science are seen to constrain student learning about the concepts and procedures of science.

Project Publications

Papers in research journals

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Book chapters

Ryder, J. (2002) Data interpretation activities and students' views of the epistemology of science during a university earth sciences field study course, in Teaching and learning in the science laboratory , pp. 151-162, Psillos D and Niederrer H (eds.) (Kluwer).

Reports from the Undergraduate Learning in Science Project

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