The Implementation of Practical Assessment in the GCSE

This project, which studied the implementation of the policy of assessing pupils' laboratory work within the GCSE examination was funded by the ESRC. It ran from 1990-92 and involved over 100 interviews with teachers and the deployment of a national questionnaire.

The main outcome of the project was a book entitled: DONNELLY, J.F., BUCHAN, A.S., JENKINS, E.W. and WELFORD, A.G. (1993). Policy, practice and professional judgement: school-based assessment of practical science. Driffield: Studies in Education Ltd., 170pp. ISBN 0-905484-60-6.

In addition, this project together with two others - Realising Policy in Sc1 (1993-5) and Change and Continuity in Classrooms - have been brought together with other work into a book entitled: Science Education. Policy, professionalism and change, published in 2001 by Paul Chapman Publishing. ISBN 0-7619-6444-4.