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Everyday Political Economies of Plural Policing

Adam and Graham talking in the Liberty Building

Jacques de Maillard

Jacques de Maillard is Professor of Political Science at the University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin, deputy-director of the Cesdip. His interests lie in the questions of local governance of security and the comparative study of policing in Western countries. Concerning plural policing, his more specific interests concern the pluralisation of public policing in European cities (with an interest in the styles of policing, governance issues and political conditions of these policy developments). He has a particular interest in developing comparative research.

Adam White

My research focuses on four interconnected themes: (i) the rise of the private security and private military industries in the postwar era; (ii) corresponding issues of governance, regulation and legitimacy in the security and military sectors; (iii) the conceptual and empirical connections between war and crime; and (iv) the changing nature of state-market relations. These interests are multidisciplinary, lying at the intersection of criminology, politics, international relations and socio-legal studies.  At the present time (2019), I working on the following projects: a comparison of police-private security relations in Mexico and the United Kingdom; a comparison of private security regulation in Belgium and the United Kingdom; and the demobilisation of private military contractors.