Postgraduate Research

Masters students in a seminar room

MA by Research
We offer an MA by Research. This allows students to select a research question and to work on this with two supervisors. You are welcome to contact any of the members of the Law, History and Temporalities Forum to explore this option.

We welcome PhD proposals from applicants interested in historical approaches to law or criminology and/or the use of archival or oral history methods. We have supervised PhD projects in various areas of legal history, crime history and wider historical topics related to our research expertise. As the work we do is inherently inter-disciplinary, we often co-supervise with colleagues from other parts of the university. The School of Law and the University offer a range of scholarships for PhD students. You are welcome to contact any of the members of the Law, History and Temporalities Forum to informally discuss PhD study. For guidance on our application processes and scholarships, please contact our Faculty’s PGR Admissions Team (  

Postdoctoral Scholars
We are keen to work with postdoctoral scholars in areas of mutual interest. We have previously supported applicants in successfully applying for postdoctoral funding and hosted/mentored them during their postdoctoral studies. If you have (or are applying for) funding for postdoctoral research in an area of our expertise and are looking for a vibrant and welcoming academic home, please contact us for an informal discussion by emailing

Visiting Scholars
We invite enquiries those interested in becoming a Visiting Scholar. The School of Law hosts visiting scholars for periods of between 2 weeks and 3 months. We have previously hosted scholars conducting research which is linked to the expertise of the Law, History and Temporalities Forum, including Dr Oriol Sabaté Domingo (University of Barcelona) and Dr Marc Trabsky (La Trobe University). Feel free to contact Law, History and Temporalities Forum members for an informal discussion of being a visiting scholar. Please see the following webpage for information on how to apply: Visiting scholars | School of Law | University of Leeds.