An Exploratory Knowledge Platform for Policing: Exploiting Knowledge Assets, Utilising Data and Piloting Research Co-production

The project aims to build a stronger partnership of collaboration between the university and police. It also aims to build a more robust evidence base upon which police can draw and therefore support the emergence of an evidence-based profession.

The project seeks to change the ways in which the police use evidence and insights from research. It also seeks to change the ways in which researchers frame research questions and engage with policing professionals across the life-course of research.

The project will build a platform for knowledge exchange and research co-production, creating opportunities for research, information sharing and skills training. It will explore different models of fostering greater collaboration between the police and the university.

The project will focus on four key themes: Partnerships and Culture Change (lead Adam Crawford); Understanding Acquisitive Crime such as burglary and shoplifting (lead Nick Malleson); Community Engagement (lead Stuart Lister) and Public Order (lead by Clifford Stott).

The project is envisaged as a pilot project that will transform relationships between police and universities in years to come, with benefits in knowledge creation, innovation and learning that could impact on policing across the United Kingdom.”

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