Review of Legislation and Policy Guidance relating to Adult Social Care in Northern Ireland

This multi-disciplinary research project is commissioned by the Commissioner for Older People for Northern Ireland to provide a piece of research to review the current position in terms of policy guidance and law and practice in adult social care in Northern Ireland and to make suggestions, based in part on comparing with best practice in other jurisdictions, to the Commissioner, as to the best way to reform the legislation.

The objectives of this research will be to provide:

  • Identification of gaps and issues surrounding the current legislative framework including policy provision for adult social care in Northern Ireland.
  • Comparison of Northern Ireland with best practice in other jurisdictions to include (but not be limited to): England and Wales, Republic of Ireland, Scotland and at least two other international examples; Recommendations, based on the above, as to whether there is a need for legislative reform – provision of suggestions other than legislative change (if applicable).
  • Recommendations or options based on the above, on how to best change the current framework in Northern Ireland to provide better support outcomes for older people.
  • Stakeholder engagement via roundtable event to discuss outcomes/ recommendations.