Special Adviser to the Independent Reviewer of the Terrorism Legislation

The Home Office appointed me in late 2011 as Special Adviser to the Independent Reviewer of the Terrorism Legislation.

The Independent Reviewer, an office currently filled by David Anderson QC, is appointed under the Terrorism Act 2006, section 36, to report to the Home Office on the working and development of the highly controversial and sensitive legislative codes against terrorism.

In recognition of my work as a leading academic author on the terrorism legislation and in view of the substantial work undertaken with the previous reviewer (Lord Alex Carlile), the Home Office created this new post for me as Special Adviser.

Under this contract, my duties include keeping the Independent reviewer informed of current legal developments and commenting on his drafts and submissions, as well as answering inquiries from the Independent Reviewer and the Home Office.

Project Publications

  • Aniceto Masferrer and Clive Walker (editors), Counter-Terrorism, Human Rights And The Rule Of Law: Crossing Legal Boundaries in Defence of the State (Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2013) (including chapters by Clive walker on 'Detention in Extremis: Transferring Lessons from Counter-terrorism Policing to Military Detentions' and 'The Amplification and Melding of Counter-terrorism Agencies: From Security Services to Police and Back Again’).
  • Clive Walker, 'The reshaping of control orders in the United Kingdom: Time for a fairer go, Australia!' (2013) 37 Melbourne University Law Journal 143.