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There are the sites you have probably heard of before and cover a range of topics:

Department for Education: Coronavirus (COVID 19) – Have brought together an initial list of online educational resources to help children to learn at home.

Futurelearn – The site has courses for teachers and secondary school pupils, the University of Leeds is a key contributor to this site.

Homeschool website – This one from America is popular with home schooling at all levels.

Leeds City Council Leeds for learning website – Free resources including books, advice and ideas for parents and teachers.

- English Language and Literature

Leeds for learning - Has a fantastic list of free reading resources.

Marquee TV – Watch Shakespeare plays.

Roald Dahl website – Has resources for teachers, kids and parents.

The Literacy Trust’s ‘Zone In’ – Resources for young people (generally 13+ and 16+), with weekly activities focussed on helping with a range of writing skills.

The National Association for the Teaching of English (NATE) –  Links to comprehensive list of free resources for many online reading opportunities.

The UK Literacy Association – Access a range of resources. 

- Geography

ESRI – Learn how to use GIS and experiment in your own garden.

Geographical Association – Secondary and post 16 resources.

Geographical Association: Virtual Field Work –  Try out a field work virtually.

National Geographic – Their website has a wonderful collection of activities, from films, activities to do in the garden and reading opportunities. They also have lots of interesting activities to do and make, as well as mindful activities all about feeling happy!

 History and Culture

Ashmolean Museum (Oxford) –  Find out about the museum’s idiosyncratic collections on their learning resources page.

Historiana EU – A large collection of EU historical archived footage.

Leeds discovery centre (museum and galleries) learning portal – A set of learning resources from arts, cultural and heritage organisations.

Leeds museums and Galleries – Leeds Discovery centre website has a collection of virtual visits.

National Archives – Watch some archived footage of historical events and social changes from the national archives.

The Fitzwilliam Museum (Cambridge) – Discover works of art, masterpiece paintings and historical artefacts.

The National Museum – The National Museum’s association for professional curators have a great area on their website to explore museum resources.

- Mathematics

ATM (associated for teaching in mathematics) – Has a fantastic range of resources for teachers and parents, written by enthusiastic maths teachers for all ages. There are some free resources that can be downloaded straight from the website her.

Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching (CIMT) – Has a range of resources for various levels.

Don Steward’s blog: Median – Explore some mathematical wonders.

Dr Frost – Offers some helpful exam practice.

Mathematical Beginnings – This website contains a free collection of starting points for mathematical activity.

Maths is Fun – An American site that has some games for the family to get involved in.

Mr Barton Maths – One many maths teachers refer.

Nrich – Has a very wide range of open interesting and enjoyable activities for all ages of children and parents alike!

Stem – Stem say that: “Our website is home to thousands of free-to-access, quality-assured resources to support the teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects”.

- Nature and Biodiversity

National Trust: Birdsong – Find out what bird that is!

Wildlife Trusts – Their webpage has some activities for all to enjoy.

- Science and Stem subjects

ArcGIS Online for Schools – Discover more about the science of where.

Stem – Stem subjects resources can be found here with interviews, clips and articles. Latest news: Watch Tim Peake launch our free home teaching and learning support with a Q&A video about life as an astronaut.

The Life Centre – A range of science lessons and experiments that can be watched online, or completed at home.

- Study, revision and homework

Hodder Education – Check out their revision notes and parent hub. 

Seneca Learning – This site is used by many secondary schools.

- Qualification: BTEC

HE Entry Requirements – Tailored specifically to Teachers and Advisors of BTEC students and it covers the admissions process and policies for University of Leeds in relation to students entering with the BTEC qualification.

Workshop on Academic Skills – View recording which is particularly targeted towards BTEC students, but also relevant to all teachers, parents, advisors and carers.