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Well-being and general

- Art

Artsform art resources list – Here you can find a range of the arts to explore with all ages of children.

- Communication and Language

I CAN – Your first stop for information on children’s communication.

Leeds Community Healthcare – Top Tips for Speech and Language Development in Under 5s.

Look Say Sing Play Activity Sheet – Download the PDF activity sheet.

- Literacy

PACEY – A spotlight on mark making with useful further links.

Tiny Happy People – Top Tips for 4-5 year olds: Making up your own nursery rhymes.

World Nursery Rhyme Week – Information about the importance of nursery rhymes for the under 7's.

- Mathematics

CBeebies: Numeracy – Maths games and programmes to watch and play.

Erikson Institute: Early Math – List of maths books that can be used to teach maths concepts.

Maths at home blog – Helen Williams has a great blog on maths at home.

Maths with parents – This site is now free for parents until the end of the academic year. It focusses on parents doing maths with their children. You can also visit their new page ‘learning with parents’. 

NRICH: EYFS Activities – Downloadable practical activities focusing on teaching number, shape space and measure.

Surf Maths (@surfmaths) – James Russo is a ‘primary maths teacher, teacher educator and researcher passionate about making mathematics more enjoyable to teach and learn’.

- Music

Artforms music resources list – Artforms in Leeds say these resources are “For home educators and schools during the Covid-19 lockdown, we have compiled a list of teaching ideas, resources, songs and musical games that are easily accessed and shared with children. We hope you find them useful, but most of all, have fun!”.

Lyricstraining website – Learn languages using the reading and lyric training website with top tips and sing alongs (can also be downloaded as an app).

- Physical development

CBeebies - Hand washing – CBeebies washing your hands song.

NHS change4life: Indoor activities – Indoor activities for children.

NHS: Shake Up games – 10 Minute Shake Up games.

- Under three’s

BBC: Tiny Happy People – Simple activities and play ideas.

National Literacy Trust – Tips for talking to your baby and young child.

NHS: Baby and toddler play ideas – Ideas to help your child play and learn.

- Videos

London primary school: Ravenstone school – video collection for reception children.

Michael Minas – popular male role model playing games with KS1 children.  

- Well-being and general

A Beautiful Childhood – Read an article ‘Coronavirus and kids: Talking, doing, learning’ about how to support and talk to children about the Coronavirus.

Alistair Bryce Clegg – At least 50 fantastic ideas to try at home.

Billions of children out of school: here’s how to cope – A booklet published by Oxford University.

Department for Education: Coronavirus (COVID 19) – Have brought together an initial list of online educational resources to help children to learn at home.

Hungry Little Minds – Simple, fun activities for children from newborn to five.

Noisy Crow: A Free Information Book Explaining the Coronavirus to Children – The book answers key questions in simple language appropriate for 5 to 9 year olds.

50 Things To Do Before You're Five – 50 Things To Do Before You’re Five gives you 50 activities that parents and carers can support their children to try out and repeat.

For older children and other ideas see the LEEDS CC Leeds for learning website – There are nearly 4 pages of free resources including books, advice and ideas for parents and teachers.

The Oxford University press publish many materials for schools.