Lewis Wagstaff

Lewis Wagstaff

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I am 22 years old and come from Rotherham in South Yorkshire, a relatively poor area. I attended a state comprehensive and went on to do 2 years at a sixth form college. I am a huge sports fan and like sport in general but my favourites to watch are football and boxing. In my free time I enjoy running and attending live music.

What motivated you to apply to study your chosen course and why did you chose Leeds?

I have studied languages since I started comprehensive school. They have always interested me and been something I enjoyed. The opportunity to continue my language learning was a huge factor in choosing this course. Additionally, the course offers a lot of flexibility in the form of discovery modules giving every individual on this course they're own unique options. I like living in big cities so Leeds made a lot of sense. The university itself is held in high regard and the city is set up for student culture holding regular events to suit all interests.

What do you think of your course, have there been any particular highlights for you?

The course has been even better than expected and I have enjoyed most, if not all, of the modules. The further the degree goes the more you link what you have learned previously, which aids in both consolidating and expanding your knowledge. My personal highlight was my year studying abroad in Canada.

How would you describe the help and guidance provided by the staff within the School?

The school is one of the smaller ones in the university however I feel this is part of its appeal. You get to know the staff on a friendlier level and will often find yourself chatting to a member of staff in Hilary Place. They are all happy to help and normally respond promptly by email or are more than happy to meet in person to discuss problems you are having or possible ideas for assignments projects etc.

How would you describe the facilities at the University?

Excellent. Campus has everything you need. Whether that be vast libraries with places for both group and individual study and a seemingly endless supply of books and online texts. The union boasts many options for eating and holds regular events to grant you a break from studies.

Have you had the opportunity to study abroad, or complete a year in industry?

I was accepted onto study abroad and chose to do a year in Canada. The system over there was very different to that in Leeds but learning how to adapt is something that goes hand in hand with the university experience anyway. Me and a friend went to Toronto for a week-long sporting holiday involving watching basketball, hockey and a trip to the hockey hall of fame. We also had a visit to the top of Canada’s tallest building and to a stadium that once hosted Wrestlemania. I also got the chance to check something off my bucket list by visiting Niagara Falls on two separate occasions. While going to another English speaking country might seem like it defeats the object of travelling I would disagree. I saw another side to Canada when I lived on an Indian reservation and attended events within that community, getting an authentic experience of an otherwise forgotten culture.