Orielle Levy

Orielle Levy

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Orielle Levy, I am 18 years old and I am from London.

What motivated you to apply to study your chosen course and why did you chose Leeds?

I have always adored children, I therefore decided to do a Level 3 Diploma in Childhood and Education instead of A Levels. I enjoyed the course so much that I wanted to further my knowledge on Childhood and Education, and work with children in the future, therefore I decided to study Childhood Studies at University. I looked at a range of Childhood studies courses at different Universities. The course at Leeds was definitely my favourite as it is so diverse and covers so many aspects of Childhood, ranging from the sociological aspects, such as policies and laws relating to children, as well as the psychological aspects such as theories on play and learning. I also chose Leeds because I think it is a beautiful city: everything is so close together and it’s really easy to find your way round.

What do you think of your course?

I am really loving the course so far. I find the modules extremely interesting and I have actually enjoyed writing my assignments because of this. I was worried that I would find the course a bit repetitive as I had already done a Level 3 Diploma in Childhood and Education, however that has not been the case at all. Having had some previous knowledge has definitely helped me, but most of the course is new and I have learnt so many new things about Childhood which I never even considered. For example, I had never studied sociology before, and the module on the Social Construction of Children was definitely a highlight for me. I found it so intriguing to look at Childhood from that perspective.

How would you describe the help and guidance provided by the staff within the School?

The staff are extremely helpful and accommodating. When they mark an assignment they send it back with so much detailed feedback it enables me to understand what I have done well and what needs to be improved on. Also for some of the assignments, the lecturers offer to look through our plans, and this is very helpful. 

How would you describe the facilities at the University?

The university has such a large range of facilities. There is a fantastic gym which is full of modern machines and fantastic equipment. Additionally, the libraries are great. There are such a wide variety of different books which one can take out, and there are lots of quiet areas for students to do work in. Also, the student union is amazing. It has lots of different bars and eateries which make it a very sociable place to be, as well as shops and a beauty salon.