The truth behind the ‘shoplifting epidemic’

Leeds School of Law Professor Graham Farrell co-authors a piece for The Conversation on the UK’s ‘shoplifting epidemic’.

Professor of Crime Science and member of the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies, Graham Farrell and Rachel Armitage, Professor of Criminology, University of Huddersfield answer questions for The Conversation on the truth behind the recent ‘shoplifting epidemic’.

It is ironic that economic progress and retail expansion bring new shoplifting opportunities that can also include violence disproportionately against women as workers and customers. To address this, we should continue to shift responsibility to those parties who create the crime opportunities and have the know-how to develop preventive responses.

Professor Graham Farrell

In the article, Professor Farrell and Professor Armitage explore whether six popular assertions about the increase in shoplifting in 2023 are based on truth or are, in fact, myth.

They discuss the factors influencing the ‘epidemic’ including organised gangs, police response, the cost-of-living crisis and the role of social media provocateurs. They conclude with a menu of options for the retail sector, the government and social media platforms for the prevention of shoplifting.

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Read the full article ‘What’s the truth behind the ‘shoplifting epidemic’? Six key questions answered’ here.

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