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Dr Ilias Trispiotis

This annual prize is awarded to recognise and celebrate excellence in non-academic impact arising from socio-legal research.

Dr Anna Barker

“This year’s International Women’s Day focus is on ‘Embracing Equity’ – challenging us to move beyond “equal opportunities” to the more inclusive and real-life idea of ‘equity’."

Sam Lewis conference Feb 23

The conference brought together leading researchers, national policy makers, and local practitioners in a shared commitment to eradicating violence against women and girls (VAWG).

James Greenwood-Reeves headshot

The book was based on Dr Greenwood-Reeves' PhD thesis conducted at the University of Leeds.

Anna Barker parks portal

Parks in West Yorkshire should be better designed and managed so that women and girls feel safe throughout the day and after dark, according to the new study.