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Photo of Emma Brewis

Postgraduate student Emma Brewis was recently selected for an internship to build the new global Public Engagement Hub.

Portrait Professor Surya Subedi.

The EU–UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement is a free trade agreement signed on 30 December 2020, between the European Union, the European Atomic Energy Community, and the United Kingdom.

Dr Anna Barker

“This year’s International Women’s Day focus is on ‘Embracing Equity’ – challenging us to move beyond “equal opportunities” to the more inclusive and real-life idea of ‘equity’."

Lady Hale, Ben and Kat

On Tuesday 21st February, the University of Leeds Law Society and the School of Law were delighted to host Baroness Brenda Hale for an evening with our students.

New research by Dr Madeleine Le Bourdon examines how young people engage with global social justice issues through social media platforms.