'A Jurisprudence of the Body' - a new collection edited by academics from the Centre for Law and Social Justice published

A Jurisprudence of the Body is an exciting new collection that considers the place of the body in healthcare law. It has been published through Palgrave’s Socio-Legal Studies Series.

The book was edited by Dr Chris Dietz (Lecturer in Law and Social Justice), Dr Mitchell Travis (Associate Professor in Law and Social Justice) and Professor Michael Thomson (Chair in Health Law at Leeds and UTS, Australia).

A Jurisprudence of the Body brings together some of the most vital researchers in the field of healthcare law to consider how the body is regulated, understood at constructed at the intersection of law and health. The collection explores themes as diverse as vulnerability, temporality, human rights and the professionalization of health. It also raises timely questions about public health, race and the role of the state in ensuring health.

“We are very pleased that the collection is now available. It does a great job of showcasing some of the work that has been fostered through the Centre for Law and Social Justice’s research theme of ‘Health, Embodiment, and Justice’ and really places Leeds at the forefront of this field.” – Dr Mitchell Travis