Dr Ali Malik Presents on Policing the Climate Crisis

Dr Malik also represented the University of Leeds at COP28 in Dubai.

Dr Ali Malik recently presented at a symposium on policing the climate crisis during the Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology Conference (ANZSOC) in Melbourne, Australia. The 2023 ANZSOC conference took place at the State Library Victoria between 6–8 December 2023. This year's theme, 'Contesting Boundaries & Meeting Future Challenges,' offered an opportunity to explore innovative and cutting-edge issues in criminology, policing, and security governance.

The symposium was linked to an upcoming special issue of Policing & Society, which examines how climate change and its environmental impacts may transform the governance and provision of policing in vulnerable communities around the world. It was led by Associate Professor Jarrett Blaustein (Australian National University), who is a research affiliate of the ESRC Vulnerability and Policing Futures Research Centre. Dr. Blaustein is scheduled to visit the University of Leeds’ Centre for Criminal Justice Studies in March 2024. He will present his work on resilience policing and disaster management during Australia's Black Summer bushfire crisis.

Dr Malik said this about his presentation:

My research agenda focuses on exploring how police and local governance actors prepare for the emergent and long-term harms and vulnerabilities associated with climate change. Being part of the symposium was a great opportunity to share my research on knowledge-based governance and to compare police responses to climate disasters and extreme weather events here in the UK with those in other countries, including Australia, Vietnam, and Colombia. The visit is partly funded by the Michael Beverley Innovation Fellowship.

Through my participation in international events, such as these, I am developing a collaborative network of researchers and police practitioners, which is a key aim of the Fellowship.

Following the ANZSOC Conference, Dr Malik represented the University of Leeds at COP28 in Dubai to establish links with international delegates and representatives from emergency response and blue light services.

For more information on Dr Blaustein’s talk and to sign up, please visit this link.