New Publication: ‘It’s about dismantling power’: Reflections on co-producing a PGR-led feminist pedagogy workshop. Student Engagement in Higher education Journal, Vol 3 No 1.

Postgraduate researcher Rumana Hossain has recently published a paper following a co-organized inter-disciplinary workshop held at the University of Leeds in June 2019.

Funded by the OD&PL and also contributed by LITE and Women in Leeds, the day-long workshop, “Feminist pedagogy and its links to teaching and learning: An interdisciplinary workshop”, explored how the principles of feminism (e.g. equality, inclusivity, redistribution of power etc.) could be used to overcome some pedagogic barriers in teaching and learning in a Higher Education context. Dr Jennifer Fraser from the University of Westminster was the keynote speaker. The afternoon was spent on an engaging panel discussion, interactive teaching, and learning activities, and sharing good practice with a good mix of PGRs, undergraduate, taught postgraduate, postgraduate teachers, academics, and student support staff as the participants. The workshop was highly commended and received excellent feedback from the audience that inspired the reflective writing.

Rumana’s earlier works during her PhD tenure also includes:

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