Statement on academic debate

The School of Sociology and Social Policy strives to create a safe, inclusive and open environment for everybody who engages with our activities, including our research seminars and other events. Across our activities, we welcome debate and encourage a representation of a diverse range of opinions and perspectives. However, we expect everyone who engages in our events to behave in a responsible manner, to foster and encourage mutual respect and understanding and an environment which promotes dialogue and debate. We expect everyone engaged in our events to behave and communicate in ways that do not gratuitously offend others. In line with the University’s policy on dignity and mutual respect, we will not tolerate behaviour towards presenters, chairs or audience members that undermine the inherent value and integrity of any marginalised groups of people, for example, disabled people, indigenous people and ethnic groups facing racism and oppression, members of religious communities, the trans community and people from across the spectrum of sexual and gender identities.

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