The racism reduction agenda

This study argues strongly for the development of a 'racism reduction' agenda that involves both preventative and punitive actions.

It was identified that the bulk of work and intervention across the UK dealing with racist violence is not concerned with prevention. Generating institutional and wider community commitment to tackling racist violence is as essential a component of strategy as dealing with offenders, given that increasing levels of enforcement have failed to bring violent racism under control.

So, pursuing a racism reduction agenda remains an urgent national priority. This involves identifying the total environment that shapes, promotes and determines racist actions, and implementing a programme of actions that impact on these factors and create a new environment in which the operation of racism and related violence is reduced.

This study has analysed global, cross-national and local approaches and interventions to address racist violence.

Project Publications

Ian Law (2007)The Racism Reduction Agenda: building the framework, signposting good practice and learning the lessons, CERS.

Ian Law (2007) Housing Choice and Racist Hostility, Race Equality Foundation.

Ian Law (2008) The Racism Reduction Agenda, Findings, CERS.