Regional factsheets on carers

The Department of Health commissioned Circle to produce a set of nine regional factsheets on carers in the UK in 2009.

These factsheets draw extensively on statistical datasets and carer-related information to include insight into the number and characteristics of carers in each region as well as information about carer health and well-being, housing issues, ethnicity, and employment circumstances.

The factsheets highlight key issues relating to carers, and many of the projects which have been developed by local authorities and related organisations in order to tackle these issues. They also highlight some of the challenges which exist for care-related programmes in the future and by geographical area.

Key findings

  • Innumerable projects have been developed by local authorities and associated organisations in order to tackle many carer-related issues. These range from involvement of carers in key decision making processes to the provision of information and formal services.
  • There are significant challenges ahead for carer organisations and local authorities, particularly in relation to ageing populations, increasing carer access to employment and education, and addressing carer social exclusion.
  • There are some regional variations across the UK, with urban based areas presenting different challenges from rural based areas – for example, meeting the needs of different ethnic carer groups and reaching carers in secluded locations through outreach programmes.

Project Publications

To celebrate the 5th International Carers Conference 2010 being held in Leeds with support from the University of Leeds, Yorkshire Forward and Leeds City Council, CIRCLE commissioned copies of its recent report “Carers in the Yorkshire and Humber Region” to be launched. CIRCLE can provide printed versions of Carers in the Region for any of the English regions at low cost and  can also offer support in raising awareness of the facts about carers in regions at any workshops, events or meetings at a reasonable cost and with the support of  partners including Carers UK, if required.

Regional profiles written and researched by Lisa Buckner, Gary Fry and Sue Yeandle.