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Professor David Wall, School of Law

The article is entitled “Nothing like the mafia: cybercriminals are much like the everyday, poorly paid business worker”.

Ilaria zavoli school of law

The podcast episode focused on trials in absentia in International Criminal Justice and the discussion considered theoretical and practical aspects of these types of proceedings.


Covert Human Intelligence Sources (informants) are the subject of highly controversial legislation before Parliament. An important review quotes advice from Professor Emeritus Clive Walker.

Liberty Building, home to the School of Law

On Tuesday 27 October 2020, Professor Franko delivered the talk entitled "Lives that matter: Doing criminology in an unequal and divided world".

A jurisprudence of the body front cover v4

A Jurisprudence of the Body is an exciting new collection that considers the place of the body in healthcare law. It has been published through Palgrave’s Socio-Legal Studies Series.