Dr Gill Main publishes new article on families living in poverty

Dr Gill Main has published an article detailing her research into the differences between families living in poverty and those who are better off.

The article, published on The Conversation, details the findings of research carried out with families in Leeds and York, where Dr Main and her colleagues were able to develop an understanding of how each family thought, talked and acted in relation to their resources.

Dr Main writes, "Much is said about families living in poverty, but accounts rarely draw on the experiences of these families themselves. Read the newspapers or listen to politicians, and you’d think that these 'troubled families' are fundamentally different to better off people."

However, after spending two years working with eight families, Dr Main was able to determine there is "no evidence of any fundamental differences between poorer and better off families, in terms of the motivations, aspirations and interests of children or their parents."

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