Languages and Languaging in Deaf Education to be published next month

Dr Ruth Swanwick has written a new book, Languages and Languaging in Deaf Education, which will be published on November 15th 2016.

The book is part of the series Professional Perspectives on Deafness: Evidence and Applications published by Oxford University Press, and offers a profound vision for deaf education and studies with bold contributions towards a new pedagogical framework. With a primary focus on the language and learning experiences of deaf children, the book creates a crucial dialogue between the field of deaf education and studies and the wider field of language education and research.

The book:

  • Provides a theoretical foundation for a pedagogical framework that is supported by practical examples and case studies
  • Makes accessible current issues in deaf bimodal bilingual research to a wider language audience
  • Connects issues of deafness, linguistics and language to learning and teaching
  • Explores deaf education pedagogy from a plurilingual perspective
  • Offers a coherent pedagogy for deaf education that takes into account the deaf children's diverse and plural use of sign and spoke language
  • Provides real-life examples and case studies that illustrate ways in which translanguaging can be applied to pedagogy