The Teaching Excellence Framework is about much more than teaching

Dr Gunn was recently interviewed by Times Higher Education Magazine on the Teaching Excellence Framework, the proposed new framework to assess and improve the quality of teaching in universities.

The interview took place at a research symposium at the Cass School of Education and Communities, University of East London, entitled: ‘TEF and REF: What are the Effects on Teachers, Researchers, Students and Higher Education?’

At the event, Dr Gunn pointed out there is a widespread misconception in the sector that the TEF is solely about the teaching students receive. Rather, the TEF is actually concerned with a much wider range of issues, including: widening participation, quality assurance, learning resources, student satisfaction, learning gain and graduate employability. 

Also presenting at the symposium was Professor Sir Peter Scott, a former Head of the School of Education who went on to be a Pro-Vice Chancellor for external affairs at the University of Leeds between 1995 and 1997.

You can read the full article here.