Aisha Walker quoted in Financial Times article

Aisha Walker, Associate Professor in Technology, Education and Learning is quoted in the Financial Times article, Learning tailored for the iPad generation.

The article discusses the changes in classroom-based teaching and how many schools are moving away from teachers standing in front of a class giving broad, standardised information and toward teaching in a more tailored and individualised way.

She says adaptive learning creates different challenges for classroom-based teaching, particularly in schools. “It works for some students but not always for others,” she says. “What happens when one child forgets to bring his iPad, or he brings it and it’s not charged? Or if a Windows computer starts to run updates in the middle of a lesson? It can really make life difficult for teachers.”

She adds: “It is useful and some schools are using it well but there are structural problems around the equipment and who pays for it that need to be resolved.”

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