Dr Lata Narayanaswamy invited to speak on Inside Geneva podcast

The Inside Geneva podcast "discusses global issues with expert guests" and is hosted by BBC reporter and Geneva correspondent Imogen Foulkes.

Dr Narayanaswamy, Associate Professor in the Politics of Global Development, was interviewed on the episode entitled ‘Africa and Covid-19: What can be learned?’

The discussion in the podcast focusses on why – despite Covid-19 cases and deaths being low in African countries compared to Europe and the US – the West has failed to look at Africa to learn what could have been done better in response to the pandemic.

During the episode, Dr Narayanaswamy states that “the underpinning assumption is that we actually have nothing to learn from Africa, not least because we see Africa as the place where diseases start, from where diseases spread. And then, aligned with that, is a sense that Africa is very poor and, by extension, can’t really look after itself without Western intervention. There is a colonial legacy there.”

Listen to the podcast.