Politics and International Studies Research and expertise

Research and expertise

Our work is highly international in orientation, and our academic expertise spans the globe.

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Our research

The School of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) is at the forefront of interdisciplinary research into international development, international relations and politics. Our international focus means we have expertise covering Africa, North America, Asia, the UK, Europe and the Middle East. 

Our centres and groups

Our academic staff undertake research in both specialist and interdisciplinary centres and groups. Key areas are listed below.

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Collectively our aim is to analyse and theorise changing forms of political engagement in an unstable and unpredictable political moment.

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Our global development specialists research global inequalities and contribute to the university's interdisciplinary Centre for Global Development and the Centre of African Studies.

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The ECR2P is dedicated to advancing the responsibility to protect principle through research, education and policy dialogue.

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With multi-method expertise in the study of security this centre focuses on how security is framed, perceived, and experienced.

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Bringing together researchers and data scientists within the University from various disciplines, including POLIS, to raise the bar in standards of data quality, access, protection and exploitation.

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Our current research activities span a range of areas united by our common interest in the interface between political theory, cultural values and practical politics.


The school brings together academics from across political, international relations, and development disciplines. Our expertise covers all the main regions of the world.


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