Dr Worrall and Dr Waterman comment on the significance of the assassination of General Qassem Soleimani

Dr Worrall shares his expertise on the assassination of General Soleimani in the Express. Whilst Dr Waterman comments on potential implications and the likelihood of retaliation in Leeds Live article.

In light of the event, Dr Worrall comments in the Express article that “The assassination is probably the most significant escalation that Washington could make short of bombing Iran”.

Dr Waterman echoes a similar stance by expressing that "The killing is clearly a massive escalation” in coverage featured on Leeds Live.

The pair both anticipate retaliation from Iraq. Despite some labelling the conflict as being on the verge of World War III, Dr Waterman thinks that a global scale war would be unlikely. Dr Waterman expects that Iran will certainly respond but “Most likely in a manner consistent with its long-held doctrine, drawing on the network of asymmetric assets and militias”.

Similarly, Dr Worrall remains sceptical that the conflict will be contained in the region due to the extensive network of supporters and operatives across the globe; he proceeds to explain that “Retaliation could come in pretty well any form near enough anywhere - and there is little the US will be able to do about it either in mitigation or in terms of prevention”.

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