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Impact stories

A research collaboration between the School of Education and the Leeds Institute for Medical Education has enhanced the assessment practice, design of assessments and quality-assurance approaches in medical schools and national healthcare examinations nationally and internationally.

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Research by Neil Morris and Bronwen Swinnerton on learner engagement and completion in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) has demonstrated that inclusively designed, interactive and social MOOCs can democratise education and offer access to learning opportunities for disadvantaged individuals globally.

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Mike Baynham and James Simpson have conducted a series of studies to identify effective practice in the provision of English language classes for adults migrants, informing the development of efficient, responsive networks of local and regional provision.

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Child poverty is devastating for children’s lives and societies. Our research centres the expertise of children and families who have experienced living in poverty into how we understand what poverty is, how we measure it, and what we do to address it.

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A British Academy GCRF funded research collaboration between the University of Leeds and the University of Education, Winneba, Ghana. This project builds understandings of the social-cultural and resource dynamics surrounding early support for children who are deaf, and their caregivers.

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Since 2012, Professor Gary Chambers has been investigating issues around transition from primary to secondary school with a particular focus on modern languages teaching and learning.

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Partnerships and engagement with schools and education practitioners is an essential part of our work across teaching, research and impact. We work closely with schools and colleges leading to collaboration and co-production in research projects, and enabling research findings to influence educational practice and policy.

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