Transforming Dangerousness? Reintegrating Foreign Fighter Returnees

This panel discussion organised by The Centre for Security Studies will examine critical issues of de-radicalisation and reintegration of foreign terrorist fighters and violent extremist offenders.


Chaired by Gordon Clubb (POLIS, University of Leeds)


The responses to foreign terrorist fighters and their families, returning to their home countries from conflict zones such as Syria and Iraq, has moved to the top of policy agendas around the world. As governments, security agencies and local communities become increasingly concerned about potential security threats, the complex process of reintegrating returnees poses a variety of challenges. Especially in prison and probation settings, returnee-specific challenges raise questions regarding the right approach for de-radicalisation and whether or not de-radicalisation is a necessary prerequisite for reintegration.

Since research on de-radicalisation has a short history, we aim to explore the effectiveness and desirability of programmes targeting the post-criminal space, critical issues and good practices of dealing with violent extremist offenders, and the wider social context of reintegration. 

Consequently, our panel speakers will discuss questions such as: 
●    What are the challenges in balancing public protection and assuring reintegration?
●    How can interventions reduce risk and lead to changes in attitudes and behaviour?
●    What are larger societal challenges regarding ethnicity, identity and marginalisation?


This event is open to all and there is no need to book. If you have any enquiries, please contact Jonatan Schewe at