Centre for Business Law and Practice hosts Dr Qian Wu

Dr Wu gave a seminar on her research on the tension between competition law and data protection law.

On Friday September 22nd, the Centre for Business Law and Practice (CBLP) hosted a seminar from visiting scholar Dr Qian Wu. Dr Wu is a lecturer in Antitrust Law Economics at Beijing Normal University: Zhuhai Campus.

In her seminar, Dr Wu presented her research on how the goals of competition law and data law are distinct and not always complementary, specifically in digital platforms that bundle the consent of consumers. She explained how consumers may suffer from data loss as a result of increased price competition, and provided an analysis of the differences of this in China and the EU.  

The Centre for Business Law and Practice is co-directed by Dr Leopoldo Parada and Dr Colin Mackie. Dr Parada said of the visit,We are very pleased to welcome Dr Wu at the CBLP, and I hope that her visit allows us to strengthen our collaborative research in one of the key areas for the centre.”