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Lone person walking through a tree-lined path in a park at night.

Parks in West Yorkshire should be better designed and managed so that women and girls feel safe throughout the day and after dark, according to a new study.

A log of three blue, transparent overlapping circles in a venn diagram surrounded by words (the name and tag line of the collective)

The Responsibility Collective is a platform for thinking about responsibility critically and collectively.

Scrabble board filled with words related to climate.

Academics from Leeds blog about public views of the cost of living crisis and climate policies.

Approx. 20 people walking under a bridge, in an urban setting, each casting a long shadow towards the camera - figures are blurred as if walking quickly.

The Vulnerability & Policing Futures Research Centre Co-Directors have set out the need to change how services respond to vulnerability at the Centre’s national launch event in London.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Leeds residents are increasingly having to borrow from loan sharks and high-interest lenders to meet their basic needs because of issues with their benefits, according to new research.