Video transcript: Studying MA Digital Education with the University of Leeds

Transcript for the video embedded on the MA Digital Education, PGDip Digital Education and PGCert Digital Education pages.

(Logo, University of Leeds. Dr Katharine Stapleford, Programme Leader for the MA in Digital Education, brackets online. She speaks to the camera from an empty lecture theatre. As she speaks, students use digital technology in a variety of settings: in study areas on campus, in outdoor picnic areas, in cafés and in their homes.) 

Katharine: The study of digital education is important because the whole of society is impacted by digital technologies and this impacts significantly on education. The digital education programmes at Leeds offer you a wide range of interactive opportunities, so you'll be able to work collaboratively with educators, academics and other students from around the world.   

Stephen: Studying digital education is massively important. 

(Stephen, a student in MA Digital Education, brackets online, beams towards the camera. As Stephen speaks, students learn digitally from laptops and tablets.) 

Stephen: There’s huge step changes coming to education, and technology is the thing that's driving that change.   

(Text on screen: Help to shape the changing educational landscape. In a large, open-plan study space, Stephen completes course work at his laptop, using headphones.) 

Stephen: I chose the course at Leeds because it's fully online, so wherever I was, whatever I was doing, I would always be able to keep up with it.   

(Dr Katharine Stapleford speaks to camera from an empty lecture theatre, while students engage with the course from different settings: from home, a coffee shop, on a picnic blanket in a public park, and on a train.) 

Katharine: The course is very flexible. The fact that it's an online distance learning course means that you can study from the comfort of your own home, or your office, or wherever you might find yourself. There are regular guided learning tasks and activities so you can fit your studying in around your professional and family commitments.   

(Text on screen: Tailor your learning with our flexible study options. Digital Education student Stephen speaks to camera.) 

Stephen: The learning community is excellent. Everyone is always open for talking about any subjects that you have, any questions that you have.   

(As he continues, he discusses a book with another student using a wheelchair in a university café.) 

Stephen: The staff on the Masters of Digital Education course are absolutely amazing.  

(Dr Katharine Stapleford engages with her students via her laptop in an online tutorial.)  

Stephen: They're the most supportive teachers I've come across.  

(Dr Stapleford speaks to camera, whilst Stephen is shown wearing headphones and engaging in an online tutorial on his laptop from an open plan cafe.) 

Katharine: I love teaching on the digital education programmes, mainly because of the students that I get to meet and work with.  

(Text on screen: Inspirational teaching in digital education.)  

Katharine: They're all inspiring, highly motivated and engaged individuals with such a lot to offer and contribute, and it makes a really enjoyable and rewarding experience.   

(Stephen speaks to camera, alongside footage of him typing on a laptop, with two well-thumbed textbooks by his side.) 

Stephen: They are always happy to discuss things with you. One of the lecturers has helped me become published for the first time in a journal, so it's been absolutely amazing.   

(With sunlight glinting through a canopy of trees, Dr Stapleford ambles through the lush, green campus. She briefly speaks to camera.) 

Katharine: The University of Leeds Centre for Research in Digital Education comprises a wide range of academics and researchers who engage actively in the field of digital education. 

(A birds eye view of the university campus.) 

Katharine: So the value of this for students means that they have access to this contemporary and cutting edge research in the field of digital education. 

(Stephen speaks to camera, then smiles while interacting with a tutor on his laptop.) 

Stephen: This course is brilliant for people’s careers. 

(Text on screen: Boost your career prospects.) 

Stephen: It's given me the tools, it's given me the vocabulary to be able to explain things to academics in a way I couldn't do so before. So it's actually been able to heighten my integrity within my career.   

(Dr Stapleford speaks, alongside footage of various people in work settings. A man explains complex equations written on a whiteboard wall to an audience via his laptop. Three young people gather round a computer as part of a discussion in their workplace. A tutor engages with a classroom, with learning materials on a screen behind her.) 

Katharine: Many of our students on the course are already in education. This course can help them to gain promotion or move into a more digitally focussed role or a managerial position. 

(In an outdoor setting on campus, Stephen chats with a fellow student.) 

Stephen: Anybody who has got anything to do with education should look into doing this course. Education is the key to allowing people to access the world and be the best that they can be. 

(A bird’s eye view of the leafy University of Leeds campus.) 

(The video ends with the message: “Digital Education, find out more at”).