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Jaseena Faisal

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your background

When I joined Leeds for my MEd in TESOL in 2009, I had already obtained two bachelor degrees and a master degree from India and had completed some years of teaching both in India and in Qatar. Currently I work as an English Teacher in Qatar. I plan to commence my PhD in Education at Cambridge University shortly.

How would you describe your experience at the University and what elements would you describe as the most enjoyable?

Since the very moment I stepped in, Leeds made me feel at home. The numerous friends I made, the Leeds city life, the abundance of opportunities for academic and personal developments on campus - it’s a totally different world in itself!

What did you think of your course? How has this helped in your chosen career? 

It was a rejuvenating experience for me as an experienced teacher. As a student, the biggest challenge that I faced was getting familiar with the UK education system, which was entirely different from the kind of learning and teaching that I had been used to. It was the patience and consideration my teachers had that helped me overcome the initial difficulties and achieve success.

How would you describe the help and guidance given by the staff within the School?

The staff at Leeds are true professionals who are approachable and friendly. The support and guidance that I received from the teaching staff was immense and I now try to model them in my own career as a teacher. Both the academic and non-academic staff were available and accessible at all times. 

Please tell us about your development since graduating from the university and how do you think your time at Leeds has helped with this?

The biggest advantage I got from Leeds is my entry into the world of research. Leeds opened up new vistas for me in terms of research. It helped me not only to realize and sharpen my analytical and critical thinking skills but also to effectively use them in both learning and teaching. It is Leeds that kindled a passion in me for research.

What are your plans for the future? 

Currently I am located in Qatar and work as an English Teacher. I'm going on to do a PhD, which I owe to Leeds and the strong research foundation I got from the University. It is my dissertation at Leeds on ‘Student Motivation’ that gave me the impetus to launch my topic on ‘Teacher Motivation’ for my PhD. The amount of encouragement I received from my supervisor was truly inspiring and motivating and helped me unlock my real potential as a researcher, realise my strengths and have confidence in myself. It opened up new avenues for me to dream further and pursue even higher.

What would be your top tips in terms of careers advice for current students?

A degree from a reputed university like that of Leeds would definitely be an asset, thanks to the continuous and steady growth of this university to become one of the top ten in the UK. In terms of reputation, student support and resources, Leeds is one of the best choices a student could make.

Any other comments you would like to make?

I am glad I decided to take up my studies at Leeds. I made the right choice and I would definitely recommend it to prospective students who aim to get a quality education while enjoying their student lives. Leeds has given me a memorable university experience that I am going to cherish for the rest of my life.