The Oxford University Politics Blog publishes piece by Paul Geyer

Oxford University Politics Blog has published Paul Geyer's piece about social media and subscription services.

A blog post, written by postgraduate researcher Paul Geyer, has been published as part of The Oxford University Politics Blog series. Paul’s blog, ‘Social Media and the Subscription Project’, considers what he describes as ‘a burgeoning element of social media: subscription services’. 

More specifically, the blog considers a change in the structure and dynamic of social media platforms which now offer paid subscription services to users, while other users continue to have access to the same platform – but are excluded from some of the features offered through subscription. This is not so straightforward as simply an economic exclusion (those who can afford subscription and those who cannot), Paul argues. His blog explores how there is also an ideological shift taking place, to which he refers to theorists such as Karl Marx, Jacques Lacan and Slavoj Žižek. 

Paul’s blog is avaliable in full on The Oxford University Politics Blog website.