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A split level picture, with left: Harvard sign for the conference, and right: a smiling selfied of Professor Dutfield

In February 2024, Professor Graham Dutfield gave a paper at the Harvard conference 'Indigenous Peoples, Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property in International Law.'

An aerial shot of a shipping dock

Professor Fiona Smith gave oral evidence to the House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee for the second session of their inquiry ‘UK trade policy: food and agriculture’.

A close up image of a partially closed laptop in blues and greens against a dark background

School of Law Professor Pinar Akman’s research has informed a UK Parliamentary briefing (POSTNote) on online advertising technology and competition. 

Photo of Professor Basu at a blackboard listening and smiling. Captioned 'Professor Subhajit Basu, Professor of Law and Technology, University of Leeds, UK'. Credit Parul University NAACA++ and SCOPE

On a dissemination trip to India, Prof Subhajit Basu explored the entrenched colonialism in AI governance and made a clarion call for a more democratised approach that reflects global perspectives

Copies of Dr Leopoldo Parada's book

Dr Parada is an associate professor in tax law and Co-Director of the Centre for Business Law and Practice.