What role has the fight against terror played in the French elections?

Dr Eglantine Staunton has participated in a Q&A for The Conversation commenting on the impact terrorism has had on the French election.

Dr Staunton told The Conversation that the ‘fight against terrorism – and security issues more generally – has been one of the most debated issues of the presidential campaign (along with economic measures)’.

Dr Staunton notes that multiple terrorist attacks in France, and the recent death of a police officer shot dead on Champs-Élysées three days before the first round of voting, may have impacted voting. She reminded readers however that ‘it is hard to predict how much of an impact the attack on the Champs-Élysées may have on the vote, though it is likely to benefit Le Pen and her Front National in the short run.’ 

Dr Staunton then went on to discuss the French anti-terrorism policy changes since the 2012 election and one issue that still remains: the proposal to strip terrorists who hold dual nationality. She believes that despite the controversy it created, leading to outgoing president, François Hollande revoking the constitutional change, it has remained at the centre of the 2017 presidential campaign.

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