Dr Cristina Stefan’s research highlighted in the Vice-Chancellor’s 'World Changers: Celebrating Impactful Research' collection

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Simone Buitendijk, launched 'World Changers: Celebrating Impactful Research' as a collection of research essays across various disciplines that are helping change the world.

Dr Cristina Stefan’s research was selected as one of these 13 research agendas from across the University of Leeds to celebrate the transformative research that takes place at our university. It was the only contribution highlighting impactful research from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the university level.

Dr Stefan’s research essay is entitled ‘Preventing atrocities: How together we can take on this global challenge’. It asks why atrocities causing massive human suffering – such as those occurring in Myanmar, Tigray, Yemen, or Syria – keep happening, and what it will take for the world to act together to prevent them.

Ultimately, it really is up to each of us individually, as global citizens of the world, to decide if this is ‘day one’ of attempting to make atrocity prevention a reality or whether we continue to postpone this to ‘one day’ in the future

Dr Stefan

You can read World Changers: Celebrating Impactful Research on Spotlight. These contributions are also available as an audiobook series on the University of Leeds SoundCloud page.