Profession symposium on Opening Political Science in PS: Political Science & Politics

Dr Eike Rinke has co-guest-edited a “Profession Symposium” (a series of 7 short articles) on the topic of “Opening Political Science” that has been published in PS: Political Science & Politics.

It is the first-ever such symposium around the issue of how we can make political scholarship more “open”, i.e. more inclusive and transparent. The symposium features stellar scholars and contributions and is fully available via open access on the Cambridge University Press website.

In their guest-editor introduction, Dr Rinke and Dr Wuttke argue for the value and necessity of more inclusive and transparent political scholarship. The introduction and the symposium will be of interest to any scholar of politics and indeed every social scientist.

PS: Political Science & Politics is one of the main journals of the American Political Science Association (APSA) and “the journal of record for the discipline of political science reporting on research, teaching, and professional development”.