What makes a good prime minister? Professor Kevin Theakston shares his tips for Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has begun his premiership as leader of the United Kingdom. Professor Kevin Theakston shares his thoughts with HuffPost on what makes an effective prime minister.

Drawing on his research expertise on British politics and political leaders, Professor Theakston shared his analysis of some of the previous prime ministers and the qualities they need. He lists qualities like communication, an ability to reach out to the public, persuasion, effective organisation as key skills. They need to know what they want to achieve and have a convincing vision.

Professor Theakston remarks on the effectiveness of previous leaders:

“To be an effective prime minister takes time and they are often in office for more than a few years. Two or three years is not long enough to leave a legacy to change major policies.”

He highlighted the effect of time on how prime ministers are perceived by the public before lending his advice to Boris Johnson:

“If Boris Johnson is to be seen as an effective prime minister, he needs to deliver Brexit, but also a wider agenda and have a wider legacy.

“We all know that Boris Johnson can communicate well, and campaign well, but being an effective prime minister is also about governing well, and about taking decisions, being able to delegate, being able to deal with and put together an effective operation in Downing Street and Whitehall.

“I think nothing in Boris Johnson’s background as major of London, or as foreign secretary have really prepared him for the business of governing as prime minister and the scale and complexity of the challenge.”

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