International conference: The Responsibility to Protect, Peace and Security

This international conference brings together women with expertise working in fields related to the Responsibility to Protect, Peace and Security.

The conference will provide a platform for experts to discuss their research and work, and relates to the British-Academy-funded establishment of The Women Network on the Responsibility to Protect (R2P), Peace and Security: Research and Impact.

The topics covered include:

  • The Global State of R2P, Peace and Security Research, from the Perspectives of Women Academics and Practitioners
  • Researching Women, Peace and Security
  • Assessing the Importance of an Atrocity Prevention Focus
  • Regional Contexts of Violence and Protection, including perspectives regarding Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America
  • Assessing Protection Responsibilities in the European context
  • International Law, Human Rights, and the United Nations
  • Insights on Bridging the Gaps: From Academics to Policy-Makers, from Research to Impact

The event is organised by Dr Cristina Stefan, Co-Director of the European Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, based at the University of Leeds, and recipient of the British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award, from the British Academy, for 2017-2018, which funds this event.

The conference is open to the public, but registration is essential. You can register either for Day 1 of the conference, or for Day 2, or both.

Please note that recordings and photos will be taken at this public event. By registering to the event, you acknowledge and accept this.